The second album of music by Mathias H. Tjønn as Racing Heart, What Comes After is a political record trying to be personal rather than preachy. It contains songs about society’s impotent solutions in the aftermath of The Great Recession (“Flogging a Dead Horse”), office visits to the power players of the world (“A Prayer from Our Leaders”), reports from the front lines of our endless conflicts with no clear enemies (“Squaring the Circle”) as well as tracks about all the rest of us caught in the crossfire.

Produced by Hanne Hukkelberg, the album is a stark departure from Racing Heart's debut record in both style and substance. Instead of looking inwards, they look outwards. Instead of being folk-based, they aim to meld acoustic instruments and synthesized sounds. This album has sharp edges.

Genre-wise What Comes After is an experimental pop album inspired by musicians such as David Sylvian, Winston Tong and ANOHNI. Mixing some of the sounds of the early 80’s with a multitude of contemporary voices both real and artificial, What Comes After tries to make some sense of the way neoliberalism and its faceless language of finance-first has led us here.

Helped greatly by the creativity of musician Jenny Hval who contributes both lyrics and vocals, the songs are propelled by the drums and programming of Martin Langlie (Susanne Sundfør, Pantha du Prince).

Recorded and mixed in Oslo, Norway and New York, What Comes After was released digitally and as a phono postcard worldwide on Misra Records, September 16th 2016.

Racing Heart was formed in Brooklyn in 2010. Two years later To Walk Beside that Ghost was released on Movemountains Records, with members from The War on Drugs, St. Vincent and Sufjan Stevens’ bands joining the studio sessions.


Tour Dates



Sun 11/20/16 @8pm - The Cake Shop, NYC, NY
Sat 11/19/16 @8pm - House Concert, Philadelphia, PA
Sat 11/12/16 @7pm - The Brillo Box, Pittsburgh, PA
Fri 11/11/16 @7pm -  House Concert, Youngstown, OH
Sat 11/5/16 @7pm - The Listing Loon, Cincinnati, OH
Sat 10/29/16 @ 8pm - Gallery K, Louisville, KY
Fri 10/28/16 @ 8pm - The Comet, Cincinnati, OH
Fri 10/21/16 @ 8pm - Pete's Candy Store, NYC, NY
Thur 10/20/16 @ 12pm - The Milky Way, Boston, MA
Fri 10/7/16 @ 9pm - Galleri NOK, Bodø, Norway
Fri 9/30/16 @ 11pm - Landmark, Bergen, Norway
Thur 9/22/16 @ 8pm - Kampen Bistro, Oslo, Norway
Thur 8/25/16 @ 8pm - Fuglen, Oslo, Norway
Sat 6/25/16 @ 4pm - Sofienberg gate festival (Street festival), Oslo, Norway

Thur 8/22/14 @ 7pm - Mathallen in Oslo, Norway (Kooperativet opening party)

Thur 5/23/13 @ 8pm - Muchmore's in Wburg, NY. Presented by Superglorious
Sun 3/24 @ 830pm - Cameo Gallery, NYC, NY (w. Sandra Kolstad)
Wed 3/6 @ 8pm - House concert in Wburg (email for details)
Thur 1/24 @ 10pm - The Paper Box, NYC, NY
Sat 1/19 @ 1030pm - Beba do Samba, Roma, Italy
Thur 1/18 @ 9pm - Bar Senza Nome, Bologna, Italy

Tues 12/18 @ 9pm - Familien, Trondheim, Norway
Fri 11/23 @ 9pm - Pete's Candy Store, Wburg, NY
Fri 11/2 @ 9pm - The Paper Box, NYC, NY
Mon 10/1 @ 3pm - Daytrotter performance streamed live - Rock Island, IL
Sun 9/30 @ 9pm - Dragonfly Lounge, Madison, WI
Sat 9/29 @ 10pm - Club Garibaldi's, Milwaukee, WI
Fri 9/28 @ 9pm - Jerry's Wicker Park, Chicago, IL
Wed 9/19 @ 10pm - Cake Shop, NYC, NY
Thur 8/30 @ 8pm - Bøker og Børst, Stavanger, Norway
Tues 8/7 @ 7pm - Youngstorget as part of the Øya Festival, Oslo, Norway
Sat 8/4 @ 730pm - Cafe Racer, Seattle, WA
Fri 8/3 house concert in Portland, OR (email for details)
Thur 8/2 house concert Vacaville, CA (email for details)
Wed 8/1 @ 6pm - El Rio, SF, CA
Tues 7/31 @ 8pm - Silverlake Lounge, LA, CA
Sun 7/29 @ 8pm - Metronome Coffee, Tacoma, WA
Sat 7/28 @ 9pm - The Waypost, Portland, OR
Fri 7/27 @ 9pm - Rogue and Peasant, Seattle, WA
Sun 7/22 @ 11pm - Rockwood Music Hall, NYC, NY
Sat June 23rd @ 8pm, house concert in Wburg (email for details)
Wed June 20th @ 9pm, K and M Bar - NYC, NY  
Fri June 8th @ 10pm, Sycamore - NYC, NY (w. Saredren Wells)
Sat May 19th @ 8pm Bing Arts Center - Springfield, MA
Fri May 18th @ 8pm Gallery 263 - Boston, MA
Thur May 17th @ 9pm, The Space - New Haven, CT
Wed May 16th @ 8pm The Monkey House - Winooski, VT
Thur May 10th @ 10pm, Union Hall - NYC, NY (NYC record release party!)
Fri March 16th @ 6pm, Rockwood Music Hall -  NYC, USA
Mon Feb 27th @ 8pm, Sound of Mu - Oslo, Norway (with Kim Myhr)
Sat Feb 25th @ 9pm, Kvarteret - Bergen, Norway (support for Team Me)
Thur Feb 23rd @ 9pm, Internasjonalen - Oslo, Norway (record release party!)
Fri Feb 17th @ 8pm House concert - Dog House, NYC, NY

Wed Dec 21st @ Union Hall, NYC, NY

Wed Nov 17th @ Pete's Candy Store, NYC, NY


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